Thursday, January 28, 2010

{Day 7} LOST rewatch

It took a month...but we finally finished our LOST rewatch. Just 5 more days until the final season!


Brandy said...

Beautiful pictures! But I have to say that the headliner leaf is my favorite. Bravo!

{And I'm not a Lostie so I have no comment in regards to the final season.}

Tam said...

Love the PICTURES! Love your Camera! Love the rain drops on the leaf...Great Picture!

American in Norway said...

Good shot! - about my watermark.. just added a text box.
-when I said I do nothing with my pictures.. I meant.. I never print them off or get them off of the computer! : )

lynn said...

I love LOST......even though I'm so confused! LOL I would have loved to rewatch all the past seasons but it just so time consuming!