Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{Day 20} Getting Ready for Valentines

I know.  It's two pictures.  I just couldn't decide.  Madalyn had to make her box for the Valentine party at school.  I took a shoe box and wrapped it with aluminum foil.  Then Madalyn got a bunch of pictures from her favorite movie (Tim Burton's 9 - have you seen it?  Yeah.  We don't know anyone else who has seen it!) and taped them all over the box.  Then my mom helped her stuff goody bags for her classmates with candy and a Valentine pencil.

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Shannon said...

H & M's class parties are tomorrow. And I still have not yet made the goody bags for Hannah's class.

All 19 of 'em.

And it's 11:30.

Did I mention her party is tomorrow?