Sunday, February 14, 2010

{Day 24} Valentine's Day

Michael and I celebrated by going to see Valentine's Day.  I was kinda nervous because the movie got a horrible review in the paper.  It got a D.  And so did Percy Jackson.  But.  Percy's was deserved.  And whoever rated Valentine's Day.  Well.  They were just jaded.  It was a fun movie...and I left with a smile on my face.  Time well spent!


Shannon said...

I finished the Percy Jackson book... still not sure about going to see the movie. Especially after knowing what you thought about it.

I want to see Valentine's Day, too! Maybe Angie and I will go... 'cause I don't think either of our husbands want to see it!

lynn said...

That's a pretty cool shot of the ticket stubs! I like the bit of red around the edges. And 8.50 for the matinee?? I thought our 6.50 was bad!